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    Turkish Citizenship Threshold Significantly Lowered: Citizenship through Investment

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    • Turkish Citizenship Threshold Significantly Lowered: Citizenship through Investment

    On September 19, 2018 the Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Nationality Law stipulating the exceptional cases on which Turkish
    nationality is obtained has been amended by Presidential Decree No. 106 and published in the Official Gazette.

    Upon the amendments introduced by the Decree, the quantitative limits set forth for investments in capital and real estate as well as employment have been
    dramatically decreased, and as the direct result of such decrease, meeting the prerequisites for becoming a Turkish citizen has become remarkably easier than

    According to Presidential Decree No.106, the thresholds for the minimum requirements on the acquisition of Turkish citizenship has been lowered. Thus in accordance with the Decree, the conditions that are stipulated for the foreigners to become eligible to acquire Turkish citizenship has eased as following:

    • The threshold of the acquire the citizenship through purchasing an immovable property at least at the amount of USD 1,000,000 has been lowered to USD 250.000,
    • The lower limit for the acquisition of the Turkish citizenship via deposit money into banks operating in Turkey with the condition that the said amount shall not be withdrawn for at least 3 years has been lowered from USD 3,000,000 to USD 500.000,
    • The threshold of the employment condition has been reduced from 100 employee to 50 employees.
    • The threshold for the acquisition the Turkish citizenship via the purchase the government bonds has been lowered from USD 3,000,000 to USD 500.000,
    • The lower limit of the investment in fixed capital condition has been lowered from USD 2,000,000 to USD 500.000,

    Here are some of the privileges foreign investors could benefit from when acquiring the Turkish citizenship:
    • Due to its rapidly growing economy and young population, qualified workforce, geographical and geopolitical position, liberal investment environment and free trade, Turkey has been one of the most preferred countries by foreign investors in recent years.
    • The investor has the right to pass on the Turkish citizenship to his/her spouse and children under 18. As for children above 18, they will be granted permanent residence.
    • For property investment, the investors do not have to present their document of title in the application anymore. The sale contract will be sufficient. Thus, investors are now able to invest in the projects still in process of construction, which might be significantly cheaper and cost efficient.
    • Turkey has mature foreign investment and trade laws which enable it to engage with global markets.
    • Foreigners who make direct investments can benefit equally with domestic investors from the all incentives such as subsidy schemes of the Turkish government.

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